“The Romance Begins”

El Encanto Inn & Suites is the ONLY HOTEL located in the heart of the Art District of our historic center of San José del Cabo in Los Cabos Mexico.

The hotel was built by Blanca Pedrin in 1998 who was born and raised in San Jose del Cabo, 5th generation. The Encanto Inn & Suites where the Standard and Junior suites are located was the home of Blanca, where she spent many years of her happy childhood. In the late 70s the Pedrin family moved next door. Blanca’s old home, then owned by Don Carlos Gonzales became the Lions Club. At the time San Jose del Cabo’s population was no more than four thousand people. This club became the center of social gatherings and events for the entire community.

In the mid 90s Blanca Pedrin decided to purchase the building where she grew up as a child, the old Lions Club, and turned it into a boutique hotel opening its doors on December of 1998.

About Us

We have been experiencing with weddings since Blanca Pedrín build the Encanto Inn & Suites Hotel Boutique, Blanca built a beautiful chapel named: Josephine, a romantic, elegant and enchanting place to celebrate your ceremony in the most Mexican ambiance where your special day will be remembered forever.

Our Hacienda style hotel, surrounded by beautiful gardens will be the perfect location to stay with your loved ones and celebrate that important day of your “forever together day”.

The Chapel

Create your magical moment within the walls of beautiful Josephine Chapel, dictated by the same beauty and history of the woman for whom it’s named. This beautiful chapel represents all the charm of old Mexico while incorporating the classic elegance of today. The architecture is highlighted by spectacular stained-glass by Mexican artist window designs. A glowing wall of candles behind the alter offers added elegance to the already gorgeous backdrop. A mural of angels hand painted by local artist in our ceiling. Hand-carved pews seat approximately 60 guests, and the total seating capacity of the chapel is 80-100 (when using chairs setup behind the pews).

JOSEPHINE Chapel was built in the Memory of Doña Josefina Torres Villalpando, mother of the founder of this beautiful boutique hotel.
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